Oct 03
How-to create an anonymous Blog on Office 365 with moderated comments

Update: 29.04.2013: Use the out-of-the-box blog with SharePoint 2013


When you want to have your on blog with Office 365 then normally you have to go around some major pitfalls. This blog posts describes how to avoid those and to enable anonymous users to access your articles.

Solution: http://www.fiechter.eu/Solutions/Wsp365.Anonymous.zip

Update 24.04.2013: Newer Office 365 tenants have to use: http://www.fiechter.eu/Solutions/Wsp365.Anonymous.2013.zip 

Installation: http://www.fiechter.eu/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=10

After the installation do the following steps

  1. On the root web again on the settings page, click "Sites and workspaces"


  2. Click "Create" to create a new blog


  3. Select the blog template, title and URL and create the blog


  4. On the new created blog site, select site actions à site settings


  5. Select "Manage site features"


  6. Activate the feature Wsp365.Anonymous




Moderation can be optionally activated by the feature Wsp365.Moderation. When you activate this feature, then users can create anonymous comments and you have to approve it. Otherwise no one can see the comments. This helps against comment spamers.

To be notified when a comment was created, activate the notification:

  1. Select "site libraries and lists"



  2. Select "Customize Comments"


  3. Click on "Comments"


  4. Click set alert on this lists


  5. Now, you can setup the alerts based on your requirement. This allows you to get a notification if someone creates a comment on you blog.

Approving Comments

  1. Do step 15-17 and the select the new comment on the list. Then select "Items" and click "Approve/Reject"



When you are not logged in, you don't have the ribbon on the blog. This is for better performance on mobile phones.

To get the ribbon back, just login to the member site, and open the blog again.

Anonymous Access



Access with a logged in user