Apr 01
Recent Document for SharePoint Site Owners (2010 & 2007)

Download: http://www.fiechter.eu/Solutions/Recent%20Documents%20V2.zip (fixed link)

When you want to list more or less documents, the following post describes how to customize it: http://www.fiechter.eu/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=24&mobile=0

Comments: Feel free to give feedback and comment it. On the root site you find also a contact form (http://www.fiechter.eu) if you have questions.

In each SharePoint Team site where we have multiple document libraries, the requirement is always there to see what the latest changes are. Unfortunately the Microsoft web part allows only seeing the documents changed by myself.

To be able to have a solution for that, where you haven't to be administrator or owner, I created a definition for a recent document web part. This can be deployed on Office 365, SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 sites. On SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 the only use right needed, is to be able to modify the site.

Please be aware that depending on your site structure the web part can be very slow. In those cases, you have to reconsider your overall SharePoint architecture ;-).

The goal of the web part was:

  • OOB Controls / No custom code / No solution
  • Show the 10 latest changed documents
  • Show a more button that displays additional 40 documents
  • Display the online status of users
  • Display the correct date format of each site
  • Display the name of the folder where the document is stored and a link to the folder.
  • Get documents recursively from all sub sites

Example Image:

The following instructions explain in detail how you can activate it:

SharePoint 2010

Office 365

Activation SharePoint 2010

  1. Edit your webpage and add a new web part
  2. Select browse and upload a the webpart definition

  3. Click Upload

  4. Now, it's a bit confusing, but you have to click again add new web part
  5. The upload web part is now available in your web part menu and you can add it.

All this steps have to be done each time when you want to add the web part. To provide it for all site owners add it to the web part gallery.

Activation on Office 365

Unfortunately I haven't figure out how to easily import a web part on an Office 365 site. That means you have to upload it to your web part gallery:

After uploading the web part is available on your site.

You can simple edit the site, and click More Web Parts

Afterwardy you can find it in the Default Web Parts folder.